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    We build relationships based on integrity and trust in order to make your home buying goals a reality.

    As well, we focus on offering the best client service as we take you through every step of the home buying experience. We promise you the ultimate in home buying satisfaction.

    Further, we care about you and your home buying goals. Here are some of the things we will discuss during our initial meeting:

    • How to apply for a pre-approved mortgage and its associated advantages
    • Your ‘wish list’ of features that are important for you when choosing a new home
    • Current real estate market trends
    • Deciding on the perfect neighbourhood for your lifestyle
    • Access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to search for properties that match your desires features and location
    • Choosing the best times for you to view available properties
    • The process of preparing and registering an offer on your dream home

    How to save time and find your dream property faster. Our team filters through hundreds of listings, allowing you to see multiple properties in one visit.
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    Who Pays the Commission?

    In most cases, the seller is responsible for paying commission to both the selling and buying agents involved in a real estate transaction listed on MLS.

    It is common for many buyers to think that it is better to have one realtor, the selling agent, negotiate the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Further, some buyers assume that this will result in a lower purchase price because the selling agent will reduce his or her commission since they no longer have to share it with a second, buying, agent.

    However, this assumption is incorrect and dangerous. The reason being, the selling agent has a legal obligation to get the highest price for their Seller’s property. As a result, the selling agent may not be negotiating the best price for the buyer as it conflicts with their obligation to the seller. Overall, the buyer may end up paying more for the home because the listing agent is still obligated to get the most money for the Seller. This is a conflict of interest as the agent cannot negotiate the best price for the Buyer.

    In reality, the selling agent is paid a much higher commission due to the fact that they do not have to pay a commission to the cooperating broker.

    Buyer’s Expenses:

    Typical Buyer’s Expenses:

    • Certfied cheque / bank draft for deposit on property
    • Home inspection
    • Property taxes
    • Principal and interest payments on mortgage
    • Monthly expenses (heat, hydro, and water)
    • Maintenance costs / condo fees (if the purchase property is a condo)

    Closing Costs can be 3% to 4% of the purchase price:

    • Legal fees
    • Land transfer taxes (see chart)
    • Moving expenses
    • Insurance (mortgage and home insurance)
    • Commission if applicable

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